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Wine Tasting Full Feature Film Los Angeles ‘burlesque scene’

 Seduction Burlesque Show (Harvelle’s, Long Beach) 

Private Party (Castelli’s, Palm Desert) ‘Fever w/ roaming burlesque dancing’

Velvet Tom Cabaret Hour (Hollywood) 

 Monday Night Tease-of a Certain Age (Three Clubs, Hollywood) 

Street Motivation Magazine (Opulen Studios, DTLA) Live, Video, Print Interview

 Monday Night Tease…Burlesque Roulette (Three Clubs, LA) 

 Monday Night Tease (Three Clubs. Hollywood) 

 LAX Lip Sync (Executive Suite Nightclub, Long Beach) 

 Pink Boom Box Productions (Gossip Grill, San Diego) 

 St.Motovation Mag Event (SurfDog’s, HB) 

Boudoir Burlesque Show (Karma Lounge, LA) 

The Burlesque Harold UK World Press Interview

Pink BoomBox Productions (Gossip Grill, San Diego) 

 Pink BoomBox Productions (Gossip Grill, San Diego) 

 Monday Night Tease (Three Clubs, Hollywood) 

 Monday Night Tease (Three Clubs, Hollywood) 

Boudoir Burlesque (Karma Lounge, LA ) 

 WTF-lesque (Candy Bar, LA) 

 Pink BoomBox Productions (Gossip Grill, San Diego) 

 Drop Dead Dames (Queen Bee’s Cultural Center, San Diego) 

 Bronze Beauties Burlesque (Moments Theatre, LA) 

 PeepShow Menagerie (Club Fais Do-Do, LA) 

 Nubie Nubie’s (DNA Lounge, San Francisco) 

*Nov. 3, 2017 Humboldt Burlesque Festival (Eureka Theatre, Eureka) competed for Queen

 The Broadway Review (Lucky’s Club, Eugene OR) 

 Work The Tease-Strip 4 PP (Angel City Brewery, LA) 

Trip Tease (Trip, Santa Monica) 


Jan. 7, 2018  The Great Burlesque Festival (Cambridge, Mass.)  accepted showcase

Jan. 13, 2018  Cabaret Con-Sensual  (3 Clubs, LA)  

Feb. 10, 2018   Ooh La La (Tango Del Rey, San Diego) 

Feb. 18, 2018  Sunday Skirts debut WS show  (Main St., Laguna Beach) 

Feb. 16, 2018  Peepshow Menagerie (Club Fais Do-Do, LA) 

March 7, 2018  BoomBox Productions (Gossip Grill, San Diego)  

March 18, 2018  Sunday Skirts (Main St. Bar & Cabaret, Laguna) 

April 12, 2018  Glamour Bomb Productions  (The Landing, San Diego)  

April 15, 2018  Sunday Skirts (Main St., Laguna)  

April 19, 2018  Boudoir Burlesque (Karma Lounge, LA) 

April 26, 2018  Legend's Challenge (Harvelle's, Long Beach)  

May 4, 2018  Kansas City Burlesque Festival (Kansas City, MO) accepted showcase

May 19, 2018  Un-Masquerade Ball (Sunset Temple Theatre, San Diego)  

June 10, 2018  Whisper Sisters debut (Doll Hut, Anaheim) 

June 21, 2018  Burly Tips Revue (Original Mikes, Santa Ana)  

June 24, 2018  Burlesque Brunch (La Fayette, San Diego) 

July 12, 2018  Glamor Bombs  (Jolt'n Joe's, La Mesa)  

July 15, 2018  Rockin' Burlesque debut WS show (Old Town Pub, Pasadena) 

July 22, 2018  Burlesque Dolls debut WS show (Doll Hut, Anaheim) 

July 28, 2018 Club Cabaret debut WS show (Main St. Bar & Cabaret, Laguna)  

Aug. 11 Down & Dirty Rock Show (Doll Hut, Anaheim)

Aug. 18, 2018  Burly Tips Revue (Original Mikes, Santa Ana)

*Aug. 25, 2018 Oslo Burlesque Festival (Cosmopolite Scene, Norway) Gala Red Carpet Performer

Aug. 30, 2018 Cardinal's Burlesque Bar (Prague, Czechoslovakia) 

Aug. 31, 2018 End of Summer Luau (Doll Hut, Anaheim)

Sept. 7, 2018  Rockin' Burlesque Surf & Beach Party  (Old Town Pub, Pasadena)

Sept. 9, 2018 PunkTography (Doll Hut, Anaheim)

Sept. 22, 2018 Burlesque Dolls (Doll Hut, Anaheim)

Oct. 12, 2018 Private Party 

Oct. 27, 2018 Vintage Horror Halloween (Doll Hut, Anaheim)  

Nov. 1, 2018  Comedy & Burlesque TBA

Dec. 9, 2018  Feverlesque (Ocean Beach Playhouse, San Diego)

Dec. 21, 2018  Burlesque Festivus (Original Mike's, Santa Ana)

Dec. 31, 2018  Jungle Jetsetters (Campus JAX, Newport Beach)


*Jan. 26, 2019 WINNER Queen of Amore Burlesque Festival (Rome, Italy) 

*Feb. 2, 2019 Funny Burlesque Festival (Pozzola, Italy) Gala Competitor/Performer

Feb. 15, 2019  Ferrara Burlesque Festival (Ferrara, Italy) accepted Competitor/Performer

*Feb. 14, 2019 Great Western Burlesque and Cabaret Festival (UK) accepted competitor

Feb. 17, 2019 Trixy Rene Anniversary Show (Original Mike's, Santa Ana)

March 13, 2019 DQB Take Over (Tin Lizzie Saloon, Costa Mesa) 

*April 20, 2019 WINNER Queen of Mile High Festival 'I Didn't Inhale'(Oriental Theater, Denver CO)   

*May 4-5, 2019 Panama Burlesque Festival (Panama City, Panama) accepted Gala Competitor 

*May 4, 2019 Asian Extravaganza Festival (NYC)  Gala Performer

*May 31, 2019 Hollywood Burlesque Festival (Mayflower Club, Hollywood) Showcase Performer 

*June 6, 2019 BHoF Movers, Shakers & Innovators (Orleans Theater, Las Vegas) *Alternate

Aug. 1, 2019 Curator Sweet & Savory Burlesque & Variety Show (Federal Bar, Long Beach)

Aug. 21, 2019 Trixy Rene's BDay Show  (Velvet Lounge, Santa Ana) Guest Artist

Sept. 1, 2019  Jade Follies(Harvelles, Long Beach) Guest Artist

Sept. 1, 2019  Sweet & Savory (Federal Bar, Long Beach) Producer/Performer

Sept 11, 2019 Spotlight Cabaret (Edmonton, Alberta) Guest Performer

*Sept. 13, 2019 Edmonton Burlesque Festival (Horowitz Theatre, Edmonton Alberta) Guest Artist

Sept. 14, 2019 Body Confidence, Branding & Sexy At Any Age Workshop @ Edmonton BF

*Oct. 2019  Minneapolis Burlesque Festival (Minneapolis, MN) Guest Artist

*Oct. 11-13, 2019 Amazing Flamingo Burlesque Festival (Q77 Theater, Torino Italy)

*Oct. 18-20 Barcelona Meeting & Burlesque Festival ( Ateneu Sant Just Theater, Barcelona Spain)

Nov. 3, 2019 Sweet & Savory Brunch (Federal Bar, Long Beach) Producer/Performer

Dec. 6, 2019 Jade Follies (Harvelles, Long Beach) Guest Artist


Thank you for an amazing 2019...ALL Live Shows Cancelled 2020

June 1, 2020  Haus of Glamour (The Phoenix Bar, Las Vegas) Guest Artist

June 12, 2020  Hubba Hubba (DNA, San Francisco) Guest Artist

June 13, 2020 Private Burlesque Show - HEADLINER 

 June 14, 2020  Burly Q Brunch & Lunch (Jolene's Bar, San Francisco) Guest Artist

*Nov. World Burlesque Festival (UK Europe) accepted Competitor/Performer

Nov. TBA Special Guest Artist Bohemia Burlesque Festival (Prague, Czechoslovak) 

CANCELLED all Performances due to COVID 19

Thank you audience for your support of Burlesque as a Performing Art and please stay safe💕


*Nov. 10 Glasglow Burlesque Festival - Solid Gold Silver Show (Glasglow UK - Online) HEADLINER

Nov. 12 Vixen's 15 Anniversary Show (Hollywood, CA - Online) Guest Artist


Jan. 9  A Loving Reveal (Hollywood, CA - Online) Guest Artist

*Jan. 30-31 Festival (Rome, Italy - Online) HEADLINER

Feb. 20 Sour Grapes Review (Seattle, Washington - Online) HEADLINER

Feb. 22 Velvet Review (Online Show)  Guest Artist

March 1 Velvet Review (Online Show)  Guest Artist

 March 12 Behind Burlesque MoveDrome (London, UK - Online) Guest Artist

March 26 Miss Demeanors 'Lucky' (Buffalo, NY - Online) Guest Artist 

April 22  The Coven Burlesque~Spring Fantasea (UK - Online)  HEADLINER

*May 20-23 Croatian Burlesque & Cabaret Festival (Rijeka, Croatia - Online) Guest Artist

June 9  The Red Ballroom (Brazil - Online) Guest Artist

June 12 The Roaring 20's Show (Carmel, CA - Online) Guest Artist

July 17  Summer Edition (Finland - Online) Special Guest Artist

July 23   Lillian DuJour Presents NEW PRODUCTION 'Burlesque ' at 340 Club (Pomona, CA) LIVE SHOW!!!!

August 1-14  The Bifrost Channel on The Velvet Revue (Tuscaloosa, Alabama)  Featured Guest Artist

August 9  'Everything About Divas' (The Red Ballroom Brazil - Online)  Featured Artist 

August 20   Burlesque Competition LimeLight 2 (London UK - Online) JUDGE

October 22  Lillian DuJour Present 'Burlesque' at 340 Club (Pomona, CA)  LIVE SHOW


All Live Events are in Bold

January 14   Lillian DuJour Present 'Burlesque ' at 340 Club (Pomona, CA) Featured Artist  

January 28  Uncaged 'Hot Night In' (London, UK - Online Show) Guest Artist

January 29   Lillian DuJour Presents NEW PRODUCTION 'Peek-A-Boo Karaoke' (Stanton, CA) 

*January 29  That's Amore Burlesque Festival (Rome, Italy - Online) JUDGE

March 4   Lillian DuJour Presents 'Burlesque ' at 340 Club (Pomona, CA) Featured Artist 

March 19  Lillian DuJour Presents 'LIT Cabaret' (Fantasy Springs Casino) Producer & Featured Artist

April 15    Lillian DuJour Presents 'Burlesque ' at 340 Club (Pomona, CA) Featured Artist

April 28  Private Event 'Asian Heritage Month' (DTLA) Special Guest HEADLINER

*April 29  Chile Burlesque Festival (Santiago, Chile - Online) HEADLINER & JUDGE

May 7 Burlesque Competition LimeLight (London, UK - Online)  JUDGE

May 20  Lillian DuJour Presents 'Burlesque' at 340 Club (Pomona, CA) Featured Artist

June 24  Lillian DuJour Presents 'Burlesque' at 340 Club (Pomona, CA) Featured Artist

July 17   Muse Burlesque Show (Santa Ana, CA)  Guest Artist 

July 22 Lillian DuJour Presents 'Burlesque' at 340 Club (Pomona, CA) Featured Artist

Aug 19  Lillian DuJour Presents 'Burlesque' at 340 Club (Pomona, CA) Featured Artist

Sept 23  Lillian DuJour Presents 'Burlesque' at 340 Club (Pomona, CA) Featured Artist

Oct 21  Lillian DuJour Presents 'Burlesque' at 340 Club (Pomona, CA) Featured Artist

Nov 18  Lillian DuJour Presents 'Burlesque' at 340 Club (Pomona, CA) Featured Artist

Dec 9  Lillian DuJour Presents 'Burlesque' at 340 Club (Pomona, CA) Featured Artist

*  Burlesque Hall of Fame Member  *  Velvet Review  *  Galaxy Burlesque Member  *  Red Hot Annie Registered  *  Behind Burlesque *