With the resurgence of Burlesque throughout the Country, Lillian is bring Burlesque as a Performing Art  to Orange County and the surrounding 

areas as a producer of her Whisper Sisters Shows.

Curating custom entertainment for 

lounges, restaurants, private events,

dancing alongside live bands, adding flare to open mic nights and creates acts for supper clubs, conventions, festivals and for charity entertainment.

Clients and audiences can enjoy a

diversity of acts for a true Cabaret experience!

Miss Lillian is also a model and actress who has performed burlesque in a full feature Indie film.

Burlesque for the Sophisticated Set! 


Lillian is an Award Winning International 

Burlesque Performer!

She is of Eurasian descent and 

a native So. Californian!

Lillian holds gold medals in the US and Canada

as an elite figure skater. 

This ice show performer has 

now made her jump into pasties!

She has uniquely fused her experience as a  choreographer and the sexiness of burlesque into a  graceful stage presence, where she playfully interacts with and teases her audiences.

Lillian has embarked on a mission is to raise the awareness of 

empowering women to be

'sexy at any age!'

Helping women to  break free from 

what society says about age,

 Lillian offers burlesque lessons and workshops 

 to help women unleash their passions 

and ageless beauty.